Artist Residency Program

With the support of Oppland Fylkeskommune, we were able to start up an artist residency program at Falland in 2014-2016. The artist residency program offer housing and work opportunities for professional artists of various artistic expressions with preference to those interested in nature. At the current stage of development, Falland has housed artists of acquaintances over artists from application as the destined building for the residency program is incomplete. Therefore the residencies are reserved for summer and warmer periods of the year where artists can utilize the outer and surround areas of Falland. It is envisage that the artist residency program will continue to be an important feature at Falland.

The duration of the residency is one to two weeks and has emphasis on artistic development and exploration rather than art production. These conditions will give the artist time for reflection and experimentation, rather than stressing over the necessity in the completion of a new artwork during the residency period.

It is strongly suggested that the artist use the surrounding nature and the landscape of the area for walks, inspiration etc. An additional condition is that the visiting artist is required to present one or more lectures on relevant artistic themes. This will be aimed at professional local artists and interested members of the public at the local townhall, library and/or gallery.