Falland is 120 km north of Oslo, Norway. Historically, it has been an active small farm for a single family with a few animals. Until we overtook the property in 2012, there has not been any agricultural use of the land for over 20 years. Falland combines a lifestyle of ecological awareness with a culturally artistic dimension.

We are a pair of quasi-professional artist musician, part wanna-be greenies living an ecological ideology experiment and regenative future that involve practising permaculture land use in rural Norway. Our daily practices are only grounded by our daily routine of feeding our fowls and hence our state of sanity. Otherwise we are free to roam the meandering paths into sleep, thereafter, is followed by dreams to questions of an unconventional utopia of other unanswered curiosties.

We welcome all your support and donations. Thank you so much! Tusen takk!

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