Kjell Samkopf
Seed Circulation

Falland Forlag CD006 (2021) - Electroacoustic
Duration 53 min

Price: NOK 250,- (shipping included)

The sound material in «Seed Circulation» is the sound of different types of seeds that are rotated around in a circular motion on shallow plates and containers of different sizes and materials: wood, metal, braided bast, cardboard, terracotta, porcelain, and the like.

The seeds consist of self-harvested seeds of edible plants in the area where Samkopf lives. These are grouped into three categories by size: small, medium, and large. The seeds are distributed on plates of different materials, which means different degrees of friction. They are rotated at three speeds: slow, medium slow and fast, with gradual transitions from one speed to the next.

The letters in the title «Seed Circulation» have been translated into numbers according to numerology conversion tables. These numbers determine the duration, the overall form and the various parameters in the work.

«Seed Circulation» was composed for the exhibition «Sacred Cycles» by visual artist Caroline Ho-Bich-Tuyen Dang and composer Kjell Samkopf at FUGE, Kaufeldtgaarden, Gjøvik, Norway, from May 29 to June 27, 2021.

All sound material in «Seed Circulation» was recorded and prepared by Kjell Samkopf in Samkopf´s private studio in Fall, and mastered by Audun Strype in Strype Audio, Oslo during April 2021.

This CD is released with financial support from the Norwegian Society of Composers.

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